Nov 23, 2009

Tween Hairstyle, Princess Braids

braids in the frontOh gosh, I love this hairstyle! BUT, I'm not sure I love it on our little princess. It makes her look grown up and I'm not sure I like that! (She's only 6.) I want to keep her little. With that said though, I think this would be darling on a tween/teen or even for prom? I just love this "princess look" with the little braids in the front.
Princess Hairstyle Btw, this is easy too. You don't even need to know how to french braid!

Start with a part from ear to ear, parted on the side. And a temporary ponytail in the back.
Make 2 small sections next to your side part and braid both sections. Make one of the braids start towards the front of her head, and the other closer to the part.
Slick down the front sections of hair on both sides and including the braids, tie everything together underneath with a clear elastic.
Here's what it will look like from the side.....Take out the ponytail and make a temporary small section of hair on top. (Like a small half pony.) Part out another section of hair behind the first one and rat! (I don't like to rat the princess's hair very often because it's a pain to comb out AND it seems to damage the hair if you do it a lot.) I would save something like this for a "once in awhile" thing, but that's just my opinion.

Anyway, it's hard to rat and take pictures at the same time. If you don't know what I mean by "rat," hold up the section of hair and place a comb about halfway up. Pull down on the comb towards her head, bringing some of the hair down with you. Repeat this several times until.....You end up with a big old mess like this!hairstyle using flowersNow you can bring the hair in the first section you parted out over the ratted mess and secure it with some bobby pins. These cute bobby pin flowers came from Every Little Detail. Of course you could just use regular bobby pins, but these flowers make this hairdo so much cuter! Make sure to place the bobby pins in an X pattern to keep them in place securely. We used 4 bobby pins, (2 X's) and this stayed in all day long.prom hairstyleI flipped the ends under slightly with our flat iron.tween hairstyle

teen hairstyle
princess prom hairstyle
braids in the frontAnd one more picture from later on in the day. Because holy cow, I walked by and noticed she just looked so darn cute!cute hairstyle for girls