Nov 25, 2009

Another Professional Flat Iron Giveaway!!

The giveaway I promised to celebrate our 1000+ blog followers is here! We've given away several flat irons on this blog. BUT this one has to be my favorite giveaway so far because I actually own this model (the Hana Elite.) This is THE flat iron we use and I love it!

I feel kind of like we "hair bloggers" have bombarded our readers with lots of giveaways lately. But, with it being so close to Christmas and the economy gone to crap, you could probably use some free stuff. Right? If you enter all of the giveaways going on right now, chances are you just might win one!

So... do you want a flat iron? Head over to our giveaway blog: and put in your entries!

On a side note: I've been working on a "project" for awhile now and am FINALLY finishing up the final stages! I'm beyond excited and can't wait to show you what it is!! I'm hoping to have it ready by the first of next week, so be sure to check back. :)