Dec 2, 2009

Last Day To Enter, and Paypal Woes. If You Tried To Order A Book, Please Read.

First up, it's the last day to enter our flat iron contest. I'll be drawing the winner tonight!

In other business: I've had 2 friends and a family member each tell me they purchased a hairstyle book, but I didn't receive an order from any of them in paypal. So, I went and tried to buy a book from myself to see what was up. I noticed that I had to click on the pay button 3 times before it finally went through!!!! So if you ordered a book, you should have received a "receipt" in email from paypal. If you didn't receive a receipt, the order probably did not go through. If you still want one, check your paypal account to make sure you weren't charged and then you'll need to order one again (and click on the pay button until it goes away.) Gah, sorry! I just didn't want anyone waiting on a book that I never got the order for.

(If you're not sure if your order went through, email me and I'll let you know if I have it.) hair4myprincess at yahoo dot com