Oct 28, 2009

Hairstyling Readers!

I thought it would be a good day to show off some of the stuff YOU have done recently. I love seeing our hairstyles on all different kinds of hair and from all over the place! I also love seeing the new ideas you guys come up with. It always makes my day when someone takes the time to send in pictures of their hair doing adventures. :)

Let's begin!

First off, this mom and model did an excellent job with the Quick Flower Bun. This little girl has shoulder length hair and it still worked!

Next up: Someone was brave enough to try the Basket Woven Hairstyle! (And as you can see, it turned out awesome!!) Of everything we've done on this hair blog, this has to be one of my top 5 favorites.

And......I know this is a guest post, but have to throw these in. :) We did this one again just the other day for church and I couldn't stop myself from taking some pictures even though it's already been posted! So, here's the Princesses twin pictures to go with our guest poster. :)

Now, for those of you who love to use beads, here are some very cute new beading ideas!

I love this one!! This smart mom combined the Cinderella Bun Hairstyle with the Candy Stripes Hairstyle. An adorable combination!

Here's a cute new twisted style to try.

Some darling heart hair and bantu knots for toddlers!

A fun Star Hairstyle. I'm loving how she did that braid across the top of the star. Cute!

A cute variation of the woven tiara (and darling shades.)

These pictures came all the way from the Philippines. How cool is that? What a darling and unique hairstyle to spice up that school uniform!!

Another fun variation of the woven tiara. And oh my goodness, I love these curls! Our guest poster said these curls were made by twisting the hair first, and then wrapping them around a curler. I have to try it!!

More cute beads and barrettes!

Another one of our top five favorites! The Woven Piggies. *Funny story: Since we posted this hairstyle a little over a year ago, I've actually seen it "around" a few times!! I've wondered if the people I saw with this hairstyle were blog readers, but I didn't dare ask. :) I never get tired of seeing this one, it's just too cute.

And last but not certainly not least.... Here we have the side ponytail with something extra. (I'm loving that cute flower.)
Great job everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who sent in pictures this round! I hope I didn't leave anyone out. I have a hard time keeping everything organized in my email!

If anyone else has pictures they would like to share, feel free to send them in!