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Dec 6, 2017

Decorated Pull Through Braids! 3 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

3 cute Christmas hairstyles! Decorated pull through braids, video tutorial.

These 3 ponytail Christmas hairstyles would be great for many holiday parties and events this year!  We are loving these "decorated pull-through braids" as they are festive and fun, but not overly crazy.  I could see these styles working for little girls as well as teens and women. These 3 hairstyles could be worn to a Christmas party, any upcoming holiday event, to school or work, for New Years Eve, to church, or even a hairstyle to go with an ugly sweater contest. ;)

 Decorated Pull Through Braids Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

In this video hair tutorial, we show 3 different techniques for creating the decorated pull through braids. 

#1 Pull through braid with tinsel. This is the traditional method and most popular technique we have seen to make the braid (using garland as a substitute for the standard second section of hair in our decorated variation.)

Tinsel pull through braid, video tutorial. Cute for Christmas or New Years Eve hairstyle!

#2 Bubble braid with pulled through beads.  We came up with this method as we were experimenting and love it, as it halves the amount of elastics used in a traditional pull through style!

Pull through bubble braid with beads, video instructions.

#3 Reverse pull through braid with ribbon.  We have shared this inverted or reverse technique in the past.  For this tutorial we replaced the second section of hair with holiday ribbon.

Pull through braid with ribbon. Video instructions.

Of course, these hairstyles can be worn for many occasions year round and not just for Christmas!
Supplies needed to recreate these styles:
  • 1 large elastic or hair tie for the top of the ponytail.
  • Several medium size clear elastics (the amount will depend on the length of hair you are working with as well as the technique chosen.)
  • Decor for your pull through braid.  You could really add any type of ribbon, garland, beads, lace, yarn, etc. for all 3 of the techniques shown. We found all of our supplies at the Dollar Store.
  • Scissors to cut your decor to desired length.
  • You could definitely add some ornaments or lights to these styles (if that is the look you are going for.)  I'm thinking some jewels or other hair accessories placed at each elastic would also be lovely if you are wanting some added sparkle.
Holiday hairstyle ideas! Decorated pull through braids, video instructions.
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May 18, 2016

Fancy Fishtail Kit Hair Tutorial, Fishtail Braid With Beads

Goody Fancy Fishtail Braid Kit, Video Tutorial

We recently purchased a "Fancy Fishtail Kit" (made by Goody) and thought it was so fun, we decided to do a tutorial with it.  My daughter wears fishtail braids to school quite often, but loves the subtle style and flair these beads add to the braid.  On top of that, this tool is so much quicker for her than creating a regular fishtail braid (which can be quite time consuming on long hair) and on school mornings, she is all about quick!

Fishtail Braid With Beads, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This hairstyle would be great for all ages... teens, little girls, even moms.  I could also see this working for casual as well as formal occasions.  The braid itself is quite standard, but the beads give it more of a glamorous look, which would be pretty for Prom, Homecoming, church, recitals, weddings, etc.  You can choose to leave the braid sleek and neat looking, or stretch it out and deconstruct it a bit for more of a relaxed, trendy, and voluminous look. 

My daughter was at school the day I had time to film this tutorial, but we wanted to show you what this looks like on real human hair. I think it's so pretty!

Fancy fishtail braid with beads, video tutorial.  Easy.

This braid can be created on the side (as shown) or in the low center.  Of course, this could also be placed in a high ponytail if you prefer, or even made as a half up hairstyle or wrapped into a bun.

This will work best with medium length or long hair and would be adorable with curly or wavy hair as well as straight. If your hair is longer than the tool,  you can extend the braid all the way to the end of your ponytail with a regular fishtail braid if you prefer, or you can stop at the last bead like we did.

As mentioned in our video, this kit comes in several different colors.  I have seen the beads in silver, gold, and black.  I tried searching online for a link to this kit and did not find it, even on Amazon (I think it is too new.)  But, it can be found in most discount and drug stores (we purchased ours at Walmart.) I am including a picture of the packaging (below) so that you can hopefully find if it if you are wanting one.

Goody fancy fishtail kit, video instructions.

Easy fishtail braid with beads tutorial
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Sep 30, 2015

Disney's Descendents Hairstyle Tutorial - Evie

Disney Descendants Hairstyle Tutorial

Our hair tutorial this week (and our first Halloween Hairstyle of the season) is inspired by a fun style we saw on Disney's new show "Descendants" which was worn by "Evie" ie Sofia Carson.

In the original style, Evie is wearing a blue/purple woven or braided headpiece (which sort of resembles a crown or tiara) sitting atop her classic dark blue hair.  We wanted to create a DIY of something similar, as well as something simple and inexpensive for anyone who is planning on dressing up as Evie for Halloween... or for anyone else just because it's a cute style!

Descendants "Evie" Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

P.S. If you are wanting to make some curls or waves to go with your headpiece (like Evie is wearing) feel free to watch our curling wand tutorial.

Evie Hairstyle and Headpiece Tutorial From Descendants

As shown in our video tutorial (above) we braided our headpiece right into "the Princess's" hair.  This is not actually necessary.  If your hair is too short, or if you would rather make the headpiece on its own and bobby pin it into place, you definitely can.  We just thought it would be a fun way to keep the headpiece in place without having to use bobby pins or clips and worry about it falling out while trick-or-treating!  

Halloween Hairstyle, Evie from Disney's Descendants

You may have noticed in our photos and video that we are showing 2 different ways to finish this style.  Depending on your personal preference, you can either leave the braids sitting on top of the hair (as shown above) or you can drape some hair over the back/center of the headpiece to hide the elastic and give the hairstyle more of an authentic look to the original style (shown below.)

DIY Halloween Hairstyle and Headpiece from Descendants (Sofia Carson)

Evie hairstyle for halloween

Supplies needed to recreate this look:
  • Ribbon: We found the 2 rolls of ribbon shown in our tutorial at our local craft store in the discount bin for 50 cents each.  You can really use any ribbon you want, but I would suggest finding some that is around 1/2 inch thick to easily create the "point" in the front of the headpiece. We used around 3 feet of each roll.
  • If you have beads, you could thread the beads onto the ribbon and randomly add them throughout the braid for added bling and sparkle. 
  • If you really want to make this hairstyle authentic, you could actually dye or spray your hair dark blue! Or you could look for a blue wig, which would be less messy.  ;)
  • Curling iron/wand or other curling method if you are wanting curls.
  • 1 medium/clear elastic.
  • Finishing hair spray (optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
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Jul 30, 2014

Fishtail Bow Tie Braid Hairstyle

An "accessorized" fishtail braid!
#fishtail bow tie braid hairstyle tutorial

This week we are featuring another cute back to school hairstyle idea, the "fishtail bow tie braid," and I think you will be surprised at how easy (and durable) this one is! 

This fun bow braid really doesn't take any more time (or effort) to complete than a regular fishtail braid does, but adds something special and unique to an otherwise standard braid.  This braid is casual enough for every day wear (ie school and work) but could also be worn for more formal or special occasions, especially when "fancy" accessories are added!

fishtail bow tie side braid hairstyle

You can wear this braid plain, or with some "hair jewelry" as shown (which really makes the "bow ties" stand out in my opinion.)  We purchased the jewels displayed in our video below at our local craft store, and then used a hot glue gun to attach them to the top/side of a miniature bobby pin.  I have seen similar accessories available for purchase in beauty supply stores (if you would rather buy them ready to wear.)  Jewels, beads, or tiny flowers would all be darling finishing touches in the center of these hair bows.

fishtail braid with bows, back to school hairstyle idea

This braid can be worn as a low side braid (like we did here.) Or if you prefer, you can center the braid at the nape of the neck, or place an elastic at the top of the braid, creating a ponytail or pigtails.  Of course, you can space these bows out however you wish.  If you want to add just one bow to your braid, or many, it is up to you! 

bow tie fishtail braid, back to school hair

Supplies needed:
  • One small elastic to tie the braid off at the bottom.
  • Hair jewels, beads, flowers, etc. to place in the center of each bow (optional.)

Fishtail Bow Tie Braid Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on Youtube.

Download our free app to watch all of our hairstyle videos in one convenient place: 

Google Play
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Jan 24, 2013

How To 4 Strand Braid Tutorial

Four Strand Braid Or "Jewel In The Middle Braid" Video Tutorial

four strand braid
We had quite a few requests for a tutorial on the ribbon braid shown at the end of our silly vacuum ponytail video the other day (which can be found here: Vacuum Ponytail) so we wanted to make a tutorial for you.  FYI, this 4 strand braid is not our creation... it has most likely been around since the beginning of braiding. ;)

This braid is called "jewel in the middle" because of the strand that runs down the center of the plait. We have shown french braided versions of this braid in a couple of our videos before, but not the regular braid until now (which surprises me because it is actually one of our favorite braids and the Princess wears it all the time!)  To see a french braided version we call the "pleated ribbon braid" click here: 4 strand french braid And a lace braid version here: 4 strand lace braid

How to 4 strand braid video tutorial:

As shown in our video, the middle strand of hair in this braid can be replaced with ribbon, beads, fabric, leather, a braided strand... whatever you want! This braid is so unique looking, especially when the edges are stretched. It's just so pretty!
braid with beads
In the photo above, we braided in a beaded necklace.  I think this is my favorite of all the variations we have tried with this braid.  We have also done this with a standard gold chain necklace, which turned out lovely as well.

The photo below is the braid with an added ribbon as the middle strand....
ribbon braid tutorial
The next two hairstyle photos shown are of a side braid, without adding an elastic to the top and braiding the middle strand.  In the first photo, I made the braid quite messy and "chunky" by stretching the edges of the braid more drastically and using a thicker braid for the middle strand....
messy braid
This next braid was done the same way as the photo above, but left a little "neater" by not stretching the sides out quite as much and using a thinner braid in the middle.
braid accent
There are several other versions of a 4 strand braid that we know of: A woven flat 4 strand and a round 4 strand (which we have not done a tutorial on yet.)
four strand braid variations
There you have it!  Everything you could ever want to know about this braid.  ;)

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Oct 9, 2012

Picture Day Hairstyles 2012

A few hair ideas for picture day....
braided headband picture day hair

The Princess has actually had pictures taken "professionally" twice this year.  Once for picture day at school, and another time for our family pictures. My personal preference for picture day hair, is a simple and classic hairstyle that hopefully won't go out of style and look ridiculous in 20 years lol.  Something that looks nice from the front, but not too "overdone."  And, lets face it... no matter how cute you make the back of a hairstyle look, usually the back of the head isn't seen in the picture anyway!

Both of the styles we chose for our pictures this year were basic headband hairstyles.  In the photo above, we used the same partings from our Barbie Hairstyle that we actually used for picture day back in 2009.  And then instead of making a standard french braid for the headband, we opted for a pleated ribbon braid  (substituting a 4th strand of hair for the ribbon.)

In the pictures below, we washed her hair the night before and made pigtail french braids (one on each side of her head) while her hair was still damp.  In the morning, after the braids had dried, we took them out to form the waves and added a cute beaded headband.  Very simple, easy, cute, and quick!

picture day headband

headband with waves

picture day hair

For a little extra style, you could add a couple of braids with the headband as shown in the video below: 

Feel free to share your picture day styles with us on Facebook.  I love to see what you guys are up to!

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Oct 13, 2011

Halloween Hairstyles, Princess Braided Headband With Jewels

Halloween Hairstyles - Hairstyle For A Princess

Halloween hairstyles My daughter is planning on being a princess for Halloween (what else?) She wanted something with princessy braids, and in her words "bling."

This style is a combination of our "beaded french braid" hairstyle. And a style from our friend Mindy at "Cute Girls Hairstyles" (braided headband into a rose.)

This unique half-up princess style could work for a dance, Prom, Homecoming, wedding, flower girl or other special occasion (as well as Halloween.) If you wanted a more grown up or sophisticated look, I would recommend using bobby pins to secure the rosette bun (instead of the clips.)
princess hairstylesYou could use many different types of beads, yarn, jewelry, ribbons or other accessories to change up the look of this hairdo. I'm thinking some natural toned beads, or rope/leather would make an adorable bohemian looking style or something you would see at a renaissance fair. You could even use an accent braid strung along the back of the hairdo instead of the beads if you wanted to.
princess hairstyle ideasThe video tutorial:

Is anyone else going to be a princess for Halloween? I hope so. We have a few more Princess hair style ideas coming! And, the next style we will be posting doesn't involve french braiding (for all of you non-french braiders.) ;)

PS: If you're looking for a specific Disney Princess Hairstyle, click here for Belle or Cinderella (which could also work for Tinkerbell.)
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Nov 8, 2010

French Braid With Beads Hairstyle

I'm thinking this french braid hairstyle (or dutch braid) would be perfect for a holiday or other special occasion. Maybe a Christmas party or New Years? The best part is that this hairstyle looks fancy, but it's fairly easy and quick (if you know how to french braid.) :)
A side ponytail with some added bohemian braid flair!
If I do this hair style again, I'll probably start the braid closer to the side part and more towards the front of her head (so that the braid and beads are more noticeable from the front.)

Here's the video instruction, tutorial. (You will need a necklace to complete this hairstyle. We found ours in the toy section at Walmart for less than one dollar.)
As a side note: I have not tried this hairstyle on curly hair. The necklace slipped right out of the princess's hair when we were done and didn't tangle at all. BUT I can imagine with curly hair you may have a problem with the necklace getting tangled up and giving you trouble, so be careful. :) You could also use a ribbon instead of a necklace if you wanted to.

Have fun with this holiday french braid hairstyle!
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May 5, 2009

How To Put Beads In Hair

First off, Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Now, continuing on with our African American theme: This video is showing how to keep beads on the ends of hair. It may not be the "right" or "real" method, but it works for us. We've never lost any beads or had them slide out halfway through the day doing it this way. And we actually use beads quite a bit in her hairstyles, I just haven't posted any until now.

My crappy camera was giving me about ten seconds today, so I had to rush. Normally, I would wrap the elastic around a few more times, then kinda stretch it up over the ends to keep everything tucked in. But, this should give you the basic idea on how to do it. It's pretty self explanatory anyway, just fold the ends back over the bead and wrap!

Babes In Hairland posted another method of doing this using tin foil not too long ago. I haven't tried it yet myself, but it looks like it would work great. So go check out her post for another option!

If you're wondering how to get the beads on in the first place: I would say, find beads with a large opening and make your braids tiny. I also get the ends wet and add some gel, then try to kind of twist the ends into a point to thread the bead through. I tried threading her hair through our plastic needle once and threaded the beads right through the needle onto her hair. It worked pretty well but took a long time to do her whole head this way!

I also looked around a little and found this nifty little tool you can buy to make the whole process easier. I haven't tried it and have no idea how well it works. Who has one?? I'm sure someone does!! Let us know if it's worth it in the comments.
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