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Curly-Q Cursive Hair Style

Here's a unique, quirky and fun hairstyle; when you're in the mood for something different! The Princess said it looked like cursive writing on her head, that's where the name came from. :)

unique hair style To begin, take a small section of hair and start twisting.

Keep twisting the hair around until it forms a Spiral thingy like this.....

Part out another small section of hair underneath and twist it together with your first section (forming another spiral.) As you're adding the hair into the next section, you'll need to leave the first spiral fairly loose or it will pull itself undone.

Keep going. You shouldn't need any bobby pins or elastics until you get to the very bottom. If you look closely at the bottom of this picture, you can see where I secured the very last twist with one clear elastic. (Everything else will hold fine by itself.)
Make another row or two just for fun (if you have the time) and add a bun. :)coiled hairstyle This hairstyle was quick and easy and stayed put nicely all day long!
unique hairdo
hairstyle for little girls

Hope you enjoyed our "Curly Q" hairstyle!

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  1. I really like this one, it's very cute! Thanks!

  2. ooh! i like this one.. i wonder if it would be cute if you make the q's go the opposite direction each time.. and i am going to try it across the front like a headband! great ideas!!

  3. I really like this one! I didn't even think of making the crawlers into a sorta french braid style.
    We will have to try it :)


  4. Very cute- and so different than anything else we've seen in a while. I love it.

  5. Oh- Oops-- at least this mug showing up here is okay-- you know who I am. I am signed up under the wrong name I guess.

  6. Very creative. I love it!

  7. My daughter and I love your site. I gave you a blog award over on my site.

  8. SWEET! I want to try something with this. You're so smart!

  9. I love this one. We get the best ideas from your site. I always give you the credit though ;).

  10. Love this one. Very cute. I would never of thought of that. Going to try this one tomorrow. And I have a princess for Halloween. That would be cute. Thanks.


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