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Gathered Twists

hairstyles for girls This one is actually very simple. I thought it kind of ended up looking like a french braid. But, no french braiding skills required! If you can do a twist braid, you can do this. Go here for twist braid instructions if you need them. (Or you can do regular braids instead if you want.)

Start with a part down the middle. I did hers coming from a slant in the front.

Start parting out sections and do a twist braid in each one. Go all the way down (doing this on both sides.) Make sure you have the same number of braids on each side. (We ended up with 4 on each side.)Take the first two braids in the front and bring them together at the part, with an elastic.Take the next two braids down and gather them together at the part, including the braids from the previous sections.Continue this all the way to the bottom. Then, make some more twist braids in the final ponytail.

You can leave it like this..........

Or, if you're like me and don't know when to stop......add some bows, rags, or ribbons.

cute hairstyles for girls
twist braids rope braids

Easy and fun.

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  1. Nice hair style and you have explained it in a good manner.

  2. That's a cute hair style. I think I'll try it on my little sister, if she'll let me. I did messy piggies on her for the first time last night,(at her request). They were simply adorable! I'm getting lots of good ideas from your blog. Thanks! <><

  3. i tried this yesterday for church and it turned out so cute! thanks for all the great ideas!

  4. wow, i love it. wish i can do that to my hair since i have long hair too.


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