May 19, 2009

Twisted Half Ponytail

This is a variation of our quick flower bun thingy I posted last week. This one is more time consuming....yes. But fun and cute too:)

Start by making a half pony with a small part on top (either on the side or the middle, whichever you prefer.) Do a french twist braid on both sides and join in the middle. (Click on the link for a video if you need help with the braids.)

Don't worry too much about it how it looks where you join the braids in the middle. The bun will cover that up :)
Split the half pony in half and twist braid both sections.Make a knot with the braids the same way we did with the other hairstyle......
Join together at the bottom with an elastic......Put a few bobby pins in to keep everything secure.....Now you can add a bow and some curls! We got this fun bow from Flowerz In Her Hair.

Just another fun way to spice up a boring old half ponytail.