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So, I had a whole bunch of people send in pictures of styles they had done from the African American Hairstyle segment. I put them all together in a folder (or so I thought) and now can't find them! I'm guessing I either deleted them or sent them to spam or something?!? If you sent one in (aren't seeing it here and still want me to post it) you're welcome to send it again, sorry! Maybe I need to hire an assistant or something. (I'm kidding, but this little "hobby" is starting to overwhelm me, LOL.)

Here are a few I managed to keep track of though...

How cute is this???

hairstyles for girlslittle girls hairstyles

The next 3 are all from AA Day 1. The twisted pigtails.

hairstyles for girlshairstyles for girls

girls hairstyles

The mom who sent in these adorable woven braided pigtails is the owner of Chic Clips. Cute bows, right?

hairstyles for girls hair blog

Here we have a cute variation of a Valentine's Day Hairstyle!

A cute and creative hairstyle.

hairstyles for girls
A french braid with a bun.....
cute hairstyles

Look at this long hair, beautiful!
Another talented boutique mom who does Kell's Bows sent in this cute spider web hairstyle.
little girl hairdos

Thanks for all the fun pics!! And again, so sorry to those of you who's pictures I lost! At least I got to enjoy them for a minute. :)

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  1. wow thats really cool. great job ladies

  2. what a cool blog! I'm always thinking of new ways to do my daughters hair!

  3. I haven't been able to get on your site for the past few days because of problems with internet explorer. I've been having withdrawls from not seeing your cute hairstyles!

  4. That is amazing. Did you ever go through a phase where your daughter didn't let you do her hair? I am lucky to roundbrush it dry!


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