May 15, 2009

Quick Girlie Hairstyle (5 minute flower bun ponytail)

Another quick and easy hairdo!
quick hairstyle for little girls Make a regular ole ponytail, split in two and twist braid both sections. As you can see, I didn't split this in half perfectly, one braid is fatter. That's okay, you won't notice in the end.
Just like you're beginning to tie a shoe, cross one braid over the other......
Bring the end up through the loop and pull.....
Keep pulling until you have something similar to this. Not too tight, it's a pretty loose knot.
Bring those two ends together at the bottom and secure with an elastic. I added a couple bobby pins on each side of the bun (near the top) to keep everything in place.
At this point, you could curl those ends or try to hide them if you wish. I just left them hanging (this is suposed to be quick, ya know) and added a cute bow.
twist braid bun
quick and easy bun
twisted bun
The end!