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A Beaded Hairstyle...Sort Of!

Ok, you're going to need your imagination for this one. I'm having ANOTHER blond moment. I deleted the pictures of the finished product again!! (If you're keeping track, that's the second time I've done this in less than 2 weeks.) Am I fired??

At least I can show you how to almost complete this one:)

Start with 3 ponies in the front. Make braids in all three sections. Split the middle section into 2 sections before you braid. If you're working with African American hair and plan on leaving this in for awhile, I would recommend doing regular braids instead of the twists. They seem to hold up better. I think I like the look of regular braids on a hairstyle like this better anyway. I just did the twists because they're faster for me and much easier to take out when we're done. (Plus my daughter's hair won't allow me to keep something like this in for more than a few days before it starts looking bad, so it's not worth it for us to do regular braids.)

Make 3 more ponies directly behind the first ones adding the braids you just made. (The middle front braids go to the outside back ponies and the outside front ponies both go to the middle back pony.Make three more short braids and combine them in the middle. (Yikes, that's crooked looking. I'd like to say I did that on purpose :) Braid the hair in the main pony and make a whole bunch of little box braids with the rest of the hair. Keep in mind, this is the quick "I'm too lazy to do all those braids just to take them out in a few days version." Of course if you are working with African American hair, make lots more braids by making the sections a lot smaller and regular braid them instead of twist braiding.

Now, here's where my blond moment comes in. The morning after we did this originally (notice the nightgown.) We added beads to the ends of all of those little braids. It really turned out looking awesome! I wish you all could see it! I promise I'll be more careful when I clean out my folder next time!!

If you need help with keeping the beads on, here's our lovely hair beading video.

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  1. We would never fire you, lol! I love this hairdo. I bet it looked cute with the beads.

  2. This is another cute African American hairstyle. Your amazing girl. Thanks for the link to the free chicken! Thank you Ruthy, whoever you are lmao.

  3. wow, I was going through your blog like a maniac, I don't know how to do squat with my girls hair (I have two!!.. and the baby already has mucho hair). I am going to try this hairstyle tonight when the eldest gets home
    Take care

  4. I love this one!! And noooo ur not fired! LOL We all have "those" moments. ♥

  5. Oh, I loved this one. We did it in 2 different versions, both with braids cause its easier for me. It turned out so cute. You are amazing at coming up with new ideas. I put pix on my blog at:


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