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How To Put Beads In Hair

First off, Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Now, continuing on with our African American theme: This video is showing how to keep beads on the ends of hair. It may not be the "right" or "real" method, but it works for us. We've never lost any beads or had them slide out halfway through the day doing it this way. And we actually use beads quite a bit in her hairstyles, I just haven't posted any until now.

My crappy camera was giving me about ten seconds today, so I had to rush. Normally, I would wrap the elastic around a few more times, then kinda stretch it up over the ends to keep everything tucked in. But, this should give you the basic idea on how to do it. It's pretty self explanatory anyway, just fold the ends back over the bead and wrap!

Babes In Hairland posted another method of doing this using tin foil not too long ago. I haven't tried it yet myself, but it looks like it would work great. So go check out her post for another option!

If you're wondering how to get the beads on in the first place: I would say, find beads with a large opening and make your braids tiny. I also get the ends wet and add some gel, then try to kind of twist the ends into a point to thread the bead through. I tried threading her hair through our plastic needle once and threaded the beads right through the needle onto her hair. It worked pretty well but took a long time to do her whole head this way!

I also looked around a little and found this nifty little tool you can buy to make the whole process easier. I haven't tried it and have no idea how well it works. Who has one?? I'm sure someone does!! Let us know if it's worth it in the comments.

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  1. I unbend a paperclip almost all the way, but leave one bend in. Then slide your beads on the paperclip and hook the hair at the end of the braid in the bent hook part. Push the beads over the hook part and they will thread onto the hair. Then I fasten it like you did in your vid. Does that make sense? That way you can use the smaller pony beads and easily put them into the braid strand as you work your way down.

  2. Some bead packs (especially if you buy them at a store that specializes in African American hair) will come with a threader for hair. It basically looks like a tiny Topsy Tail.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Love that there are so many ways to "add" to plain old hair, huh?!

  4. I just go to the dollar store and a threader comes with the beads. I will pick one up this weekend and post a pick on my site.

  5. My daughter is mixed so we are always putting beads or barrettes in her braids... we use a beader to get the beads on. You can make bigger braids and use smaller beads with it! I got mine for .99 at a african american hair store. We use craft beads from WalMart. You can get 250+ for only $2!

  6. The beaders work great! I've used for years!! Comes in packs of beads or you can buy them separately.

  7. You can go to Wal-Mart and buy some fishing string and thread it with a nice size needle. Then tie the string in a single or double knot. (Think of it as you are preparing thread to sew a button on a shirt) Then you would add ONE bead at the end of the string and loop it around your pointer finger to tie another single or double knot to the string. That is your base. Then you could add the rest of the beads to the string. (At this point your string should look like a colorful caterpillar) Leave some thumb space between the top bead and the needle. At this point you would open the string where you have the open thumb space and put your daughter's braid through the string. Then you would slide the beads onto her hair. This seems like a lot but when you do it it's so easy. You could make your string as short or long as you like. But not too long. You don't ever have to worry about using the short gadgets that come with the beads anymore. That would take forever. Make sure that you have a cheap pillow on hand so you could stick the needle on there in between braiding. If your daughter is responsible enough, she could also help by adding beads to the string as you run out, or she can add them while you are doing something else. It could turn into a great memory. This should be a tremendous help to you guys. Have a great day:)

  8. Do you know where I can find bead games to put beads in hair games.

    Have a great day


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