Apr 14, 2009

How To Make A Tutu

K, completely off subject. But, recently I had a reader email me asking if I knew how to make a tutu. Um, sorry, NO! I'm actually one of the least crafty people I know. But, I thought this might be useful information to post since I'm guessing most people who read this blog probably have a little girl or know someone who does. And lets face it, what little girl wouldn't love to get all dressed up in a tutu?? So, I did some searching online and this is what I found: Making a tutu instructions. The instructions on that post are for a cute little tutu halter dress. And here's one more: No sew tutu instructions. It actually looks fairly easy. Maybe I'll give it a try myself!? Or if you're extremely lazy like me, you could buy one. Several of the boutiques on my sidebar also sell tutus. Sometimes it's more fun for someone else to do the work!

In other business: I just noticed Girly Dos by Jenn is having a giveaway for the cutest bow holder you've ever seen. So, head on over for a chance to win it!