Apr 11, 2009

Barbie Doll Princess Hairstyle

We had an appointment to get pictures taken. I wanted her hair mostly down to show the length and something fairly simple. One of our favorite Barbie Dolls was the inspiration for this one!!
Start by making 2 headband parts. Part the front headband on the side and put in temporary elastics to keep out of the way. (I put the rest of the hair in a temporary ponytail as well to keep things separate while I was braiding.)
French braid the back headband section all the way across, ending it with a clear elastic right above the ear.Pull all the hair in the back up out of the way. Put some gel in the front sections to keep the hair sleekly in place and using water, comb both sides smoothly, joining in the back underneath with an elastic. (Add the leftover hair from the french braid in with this hair as you bring it back, hiding the elastic up front.)Bring the hair back down covering the elastic underneath.Now you can either leave it like this for the sleek and straight Barbie look.Or you can turn it into a curly Barbie hairdo. I prefer to curl it when we leave her hair down because, left straight, it always ends up looking tangled and stringy by the end of the day. I'm loving the look of braided headbands lately. Something very fairytale princess about it. (She loved this look as well.)

Our own little "Princess Barbie."