Feb 6, 2009

Another Heart Hairdo..... Sort Of

This didn't quite turn out how I thought it would. Instead of a heart, it looks more like an oval. Oh well, it's still cute, and you can learn from my mistake and make it more heart shaped if you want to try it. This is how you start. And this is where I made the mistake. Make the straight part in the middle a little longer than I have it here and start your first ponytail closer to the middle of her head (towards the back of the part.) I think that would fix the problem.Keep going. After you make the straight part on top, make a zig zag part down to the bottom. The idea is that it's supposed to look like a broken heart. At least that was the idea....See..... oval, not heart shaped. I really should have put one more set of elastics right there in the middle above the zig zag.

Whatever, it was a good try..... Right???

K- I just did some browsing and another hair blog She Does Hair has almost this exact same style posted! We must be on the same wave length. What's even funnier? She made the same mistake I did with the shape. hehe If you want another take on it, go check hers out too!!