Feb 9, 2009

Messy Bun Pigtails, With Hearts

Start with a regular old set of pig tails.

Take out a piece of hair from one of the pigtails and place an elastic a little ways up. Split in two above the elastic and pull the ends down to form a heart. (Place another elastic where my fingers are.) I hate showing close ups of my hands in these pictures, ewww weird!Anyway, pull out another piece of hair and form another heart.If you wanna stop right here, be my guest. It would be super cute if you left the hearts just how they are and curled the pigtails. (You'd most likely need a few bobby pins to keep the hearts in place if you leave em like this though.)Or, if you want to make some messy buns out of them like we did.... Take the ends of the pigtail and twist.....Keep twisting and wrap the hair around the base of the pigtail (BEHIND the hearts.) When you run out of ends, take an elastic and wrap around the whole thing a few times to keep everything in place. Don't worry about some spare ends popping out around the bun. (It's supposed to be messy.)Add some bows back behind there if you feel the need. This has to be one of my new favorites. There's just something about messy pigtails.....