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Pigtails With A Twist, And Some Sunshine!!

I don't know about you. But it's grey, cold, snowy and dreary where we live. I came across this one we did way back in June and just had to post it. LOOK.... green grass, and sunshine! I can't wait to see my yard looking like this again. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own home during the winter. These pictures are cheering me up already!

Make some Pigtails, leaving out a box of hair on top.

Randomly put some twist braids in the box. Part out the braids however you want them, just make sure to send them all in the direction of the same piggy.
Add some bows, and that's it!

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  1. So cute! It makes me Summer Sick! Is that even a term? Well, it should be. For me, once Christmas is over, the snow is just a bother!

  2. so... i stalk your site all the time;-) I have 4 boys, and we just had a girl 2 months ago with the most massive amount of hair... its almost long enough to do 2 tiny piggies in the back... what do i do with it at this age?? can i pull it up? (so far, all we do are tiny clips in front to keep it out of her eyes...) HELP!!

  3. Amy,

    Check out my side bar!! Curls and Cowlicks, Rockin Shorty Hairstyles, and Maddie Girl all specialize in baby hair. They've got some really cute stuff.

    Good luck!!

  4. Those hair styles are so cute. I love your blog too, lovely :)

  5. thanks! I tried one on her today... pics are on my blog... hopefully i did you guys proud! I have been looking at soooo many pics from your blog trying to figure it all out.... off to check out those new links now! Thanks!!!

  6. This is a totally belated comment as I'm perusing for ideas for church hair this morning, but just a reminder to all to make sure those awesome parts are fully sunscreened!!! There's a pretty cool scalp sunscreen you can find at but I'm sure you could could use other things. Ever since I can remember I've always put my hair in a pony if I'm gonna be in the sun cuz my scalp would always burn on the part (I don't burn anywhere else hardly ever).

  7. Just tried this on my 12 year old. I let her pick through the site and this is the one she chose. Looks so cute. No bows for 12 yr olds though... still cool!

  8. im going to try


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