Jan 5, 2009

Candy Stripes Hairstyle With Ribbons

criss cross hair There are tons of different things you could do with these "candy stripes," plus they're easy and quick! Today, we did some weaving.

Start with a set of pigtails and 4 small ponies in the front.
Tie some ribbon onto one of the elastics and wrap it around the hair. (I trimmed the end of the knot on the ribbon short and pulled it under the elastic to help hide it.) Wrap all the way down the hair until you can add it to the pigtail on the other side of the part. Add it to the pigtail and trim the ribbon. Do this with each section, adding the 2 sections on the right to the pigtail on the left and the sections on the left to the pigtail on the right..... Now you can make some buns and add some bows made from the leftover ribbon.ribbon hairstyle
pigtails buns
ribbon stripes This is one of her favorites! I like it too.