Dec 29, 2008

Messy But Cute-For Older Girls And Tweens Too!

Lately we've been seeing lots of cute messy type hair on the "older girls and tweens" around here. It seems to be the latest hair trend. I love the messy look, and wanted to try it. Here's my attempt. I think this would be cute on a girl of any age. To Start: Take a section in front and pull it back with some bobby pins. I didn't want it too perfect looking, so I crossed them haphazardly. (Is that a word?) If you want to puff the front up a little, that would be cute too.

Next, make a messy french braid going from one side to the other, towards the bottom. To make it messy, it works best if you're working with dry hair. Also, take hair from only one side, don't comb or smooth it too much while you're braiding, take larger sections of hair than you normally would, and keep it fairly loose. Make a messy bun on the side and add a flower or flowers. I got these flowers here. So cute!!

I love how it turned out! I usually have a hard time making messy look good. It always just seems to look messy when I attempt it!!