Dec 19, 2008

Fluffy Piggies With A Twisted Sewn Headband

We did this one for a Christmas party. I love how it turned out!

Start by making a part on top, either on the side or middle. Make another part on each side, going from the back of the part, down behind her ear and split it in two. The front section is temporary, just keep it out of the way with a ponytail holder or clip for now. For the back section, put it in an elastic down towards the bottom. (Do this on both sides of her head.)Put some braids in the back sections. I did twist braids. Now bring the braids over the top of her head and back through the elastics on the other side. (If you're working with shorter hair, do what I did here.)Make some piggies on each side, adding in the ends from the braids. At this point I sewed the ribbon in, then brought the pieces of hair in the front back and added it to the pigtails. (This is to help hide that elastic holding the headband in place.)For the fluffy buns: I did a twist braid in each pig, twisted them into a bun (leaving the ends on top) and curled the ends. Add some bows, and Ta Da!
Now for a little TRICK: This is how it looked after a wild night of sleeping. Her face here says it all! (hehe) A bad hair day!! I wasn't in the mood to take everything out and start over. So, here's a dirty little secret that I use A LOT.
Take out the bows and spray a little hairspray in the problem area. Then quickly (before it dries) run a comb through it, bringing all the little flyaways back over the elastic.
Tie the ribbon back on (keeping the flyaways in place.) Re-curl the ends, and GOOD AS NEW! See, she perked right up.