Oct 8, 2008

Lacing With Wrapping Hairstyle

 I've been excited to post this hairstyle, it was fun to do!

This is a twist on "lattice ponytails" literally. So, you start by making two ponies in the front. In each pony, take out a small piece of hair and braid it. I did rope braids, you can do whatever. (If you don't know how to do a rope braid, click on the link for a video tutorial there!)

Wrap the braids around the ponies on each side and secure with elastics at the bottoms.
Take the two ponies, cross them and add them in with the next set. Do more small braids and wrap around these ponies. Cross them again and add them to the last set of ponies. Continue with the braid wrapping on the last set. You could either leave it like this.......
Or, pull the ends back up to your last set of ponies, secure with an elastic and curl the ends.