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How To Do A Pull-Through (without a topsy tail) Video

I call these pull-throughs. They are also known as knots, bugs, tuck-unders, topsy tails, and other things on other hair blogs. Different names, same concept. Most of you probably already know how to do this. But if you don't, well now you do.

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  1. There's a mom out there that calls them "fairy flips." Which I always thought was cute.

    Thanks for all you do! My girls certainly benefit from all of your hard work!

    thanks for sharing

  2. AWESOME!!! I didn't know how to do this and I don't have one of those cool gadgets. Hmm, maybe I should look for one. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I so want my little girl to have long hair and do some of your wonderful ideas. I do the flips on her but when I pull them tight, they get bumps and aren't smooth sometimes. Is it better to do them with wet hair? Any ideas? Thanks Kori.

  4. Fairy Flips? How cute!! I'm going to start calling them that! But, not on this blog. I'm too lazy to go back and change everything :)

    Melissa, I personally do think it works better to do these with wet hair, it keeps everything smoother.

    Sometimes I get those bumps too. I've tried doing these a little tighter, like closer to the scalp. That way you don't have to tighten them after you bring the pony through. (But my daughter complains that it hurts when I do it that way.) Also, sometimes I keep the elastic pretty loose until I get the pony flipped through and tightened, then I wrap it around the pony a few more times to get the elastic tight when I have everything set. It seems to go more smoothly when I do it that way. I don't really have any other suggestions. Hope this helps.

  5. Hey! Go check out my blog - I've nominated you for an award!

  6. I just watched your post on the "pull through" I've tried it a million times and it is always really loose despite tightening it up at the end. It never looks nice and smooth either. Does the hair have to be sopping wet? Any suggestions?

  7. This hair style got us through many many days last year! I usually have it flip out to the side so there is that little "bump" that is so in style now.

  8. This was about the only thing I knew how to do before I found your site now I have so many new hairstyles to try! I havent seen it on here but You can also do the flip through going the other way. So you make the hole and take the hair through it from the bottom up. Very cute with shorter hair!


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