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Twist and Twirl Messy Updo

Start by making a pony in the middle of her head, leaving the edges out all the way around. On the last pull through the elastic, only pull halfway through. (This part isn't shown, but since my daughter's hair is so long, I pulled the bottom part up and brought it back through the elastic to make the bun, if your daughters hair is short enough for one pull through, leave the ends out on the top instead of the bottom.)

Start parting out a section of hair and twist the heck out of it, adding the twisted piece to the bun.
Go all the way around her head. With the extra ends you will have from the twisted pieces on the bottom, twist them together and wrap them around the initial elastic.

Piece and spread everything you have left, to make a messy bun.

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  1. I like how you wrapped the twists around the messy bun. I'm going to try this tomorrow. thanks

  2. Very cute! I love the messy bun!

  3. Ooo the messy bun is perfect! I love this style; I will for sure be trying it out this week.

  4. Love this blog! I just tried this morning and it was so cute and fast!

  5. This looks like it would be so quick to do, and it's so cute!!!


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