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Eighties Knotted Up Do

Does anyone else remember those awesome banana clips from the eighties? This style totally reminds me of how I used to wear mine. (Ratted on the side.)

Section off a piece on the bottom and tie a knot (I feel like I've explained how to tie a knot like a gazillion times, but here we go again.) Wrap the hair around a few fingers and pull the ends up through where your fingers were. Put a rubber band as close to the knot as you can to keep it tight.

Section off another piece of hair in the middle of her head. Start to tie the knot by wrapping the hair around your fingers. This time, pull the ends of the knot you just tied through the hole, and then finish off the knot the regular way. (You will have 2 ends, as shown.) Leave the first knots ends hanging to the side.

Take the last section of hair left on top and tie another knot the same way (adding the ends of the previous knot.) After you have your three knots tied, you will be left with 2 ends on the top. Leave one end out hanging and send the other end twisting down the other side, through the space between the first and second knot.
Pull everything tight and pin with some clips.
Now, to achieve the true eighties look............rat, rat, rat. And spray, spray, spray.
If you don't like the eighties look and want something more elegant, curl these ends into ringlets instead of ratting them. That would be so cute!Sorry if my explanation is as clear as mud. This was a hard one to explain in words.

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  1. That's really cute. I'll have to try this out on my younger daughters.

  2. ha ha! I LOVED those banana clips!!!


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