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Elastic Pony Crosses With Ribbons

Do a part down the middle, and one on each side, all the way down. I did the elastics in the middle sections first. Part and cross the hair all the way to the bottom. Do both of the side sections by just adding the previous pony straight down. Add the ribbon last. Pull everything together with a messy pony at the bottom and add a bow.

I did a similar style awhile ago here. This is just the opposite, (hair crosses in the middle and ribbons on the sides.)

(I've been trying to simplify my instructions because I'm thinking most of these can be figured out by looking at the finished pictures. Let me know if you want more pictures taken during the process and I'll go back to that.)

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  1. Another masterpiece. I love it.

  2. hi, I love your blog and have a request. will you please add allgirlshair to your blogroll? i hate to type in the addresses when i'm surfing. thanks

  3. How cute! I've been trying to figure out some ideas to put ribbon in my girls' hair but thiers is so wimpy it's been tough. I'll have to try something like it & I'll give you credit.

  4. Oh, I have never tried to put ribbon in my dd's hair! I am happy I found your site, maybe I will try it!! ( it looks very hard to do, congrats!)


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