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Elastic Braids With An Upside-Down Pony

My little boy thinks this looks like "Genie Hair," can't say that I disagree!

I'm thinking you can figure out how to get to this point by looking at the pictures.
Pull everything into one. (After looking at these pics, I think I like it better left just like this. But, if you want an upside down pony, proceed to the next step.)
There's already sort of a hole to go through, I just stretched it out a little.
Do an upside down pull-through by pulling the pony up through the hole and over the top.

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  1. Cute & a great way to keep all the smaller pieces from flying away during the day! I think either ponytail looks cute! My computer is broken so I am trying to play quick catch-up while I have access to another one.

  2. Thats so pretty, my daughter would never have stood still for long enough to let me do anything as creative as that with her hair.

  3. Very cute! I nominated you for an award. Go to:

  4. Love it.. was looking for unique ponies..


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