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Woven Tiara

Well, if you're a follower of this blog, you've probably noticed that I sometimes get stuck on a certain technique. For now, it's "weaving." Here's one more variation, then I'll try to move on to something else.

Make a part down the middle, to the center of her head. Part this into 4 sections (going from the middle part, down to her ear on both sides.) Put the 2 back sections into elastics. Now, part the front sections into as many small sections as you want, and put into elastics. (I did 4 on each side.)
Take all the sections on one side of the middle part, and cross them over to the opposite back pony. (I twisted each strand a little to keep the fly-aways in check.) Add another elastic to secure these in place.

Take all the pieces from the other side and weave them through to the other elastic. (Alternating going over, then under the other strands.) Again, tie them in with another elastic.

My princess got these little plastic bows with a Barbie. They're not my favorite, but she absolutely adores them.

This one was actually really quick, and I think very cute. I'll be using it a lot once school starts. (I won't be getting up 1 minute earlier than I have to.)

And, a heads up......Tomorrow I'm going to try to catch up with my e-mail and post some of the wonderful stuff you guys have sent in. So, be watching for that!! I love all the fresh ideas.

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  1. Ooo I LOVE that - shall have to give it a try - will be great for school!

  2. Maybe Sammy will sit long enough for this one. lol :)

  3. Really cute! I was thinking about weaving braids like a headband today. I love the way the weave looks!

  4. Wow! That is so very cute! I'll have to try that on my daughter.
    Check out my bow blog

  5. I cannot figure this out!! I must be doing something wrong....need to retry tomorrow :)

  6. She actually sat through it and it looked very cute.

  7. OH!!! I just figured it out!!! I have been studying it everyday and I feel really silly that it took this long now!

    Tomorrow we will try it to see if I was right, lol!

  8. I did my 6 year old's hair like this for school today and I have to say that it held up incredibly well. Thank you so much for all your great ideas!

  9. That looks amazing! If only I had someone patient to try it on(I would take forever and never be able to get it right)!

  10. These are so cute.
    A quick question. :)
    Do you think this would work if after the hairstyle was in place, I snipped the elastics at the top out? I'm only asking because I want to try it on myself, and it looks much cuter with them on the Princess than I think it would an adult, hehe.

  11. can you do this in a video ? please ? i am more of a visual learner , thanks .

  12. this is cute, but I wish there was a picture of her from the front so I could see what that would look like

  13. i want to do that for my big sisters
    15 birthday its on saturday my cousin always did cute hair styles and i want to!

  14. Tries n tested today..came out good thank you!


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