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The Rainbow

This fun style was submitted by Candee. It's called "the rainbow" at their house.

To do these adorable waves, Candee used a three-barrel waver which can be purchased at Sallie's or Walmart. Here's a variation of "the rainbow" with her smaller princess.

Aren't these girls just too cute? I LOVE the little dresses they're wearing. Thanks for this wonderful idea Candee! I'm thinking my next "major hair purchase" may have to be the three-barrel waver. Those waves turned out great!

And, if anyone else has an idea they want to show off, keep the e-mails coming! I love to see what can be created on a head of hair!!

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  1. I would love explaination to the RAINBOW hair - it looks cute, but I can't tell what you do with the hair once it is pulled back, does it just lie flat?


  2. Mom of 3:
    I didn't do this hairstyle, it was submitted by a viewer. I can tell that in the younger princess, the ponies are all joined together into one. But, it's hard to tell what was done with the older princess. So, Candee, if you read you have any insight? Please leave a comment for us.

  3. The older princess has individual ponies that aren't joined together. It just lays flat and I did the three barrel waver on the back of the hair.

    To start make a diagonal part across the front, then part from ear to ear over the top of the head. To keep the back hair from getting in the way, I just put it in a ponytail. Then I start making ponies that are almost perpendicular to the part. Put the ponies away from the face toward the middle part. Continue down to the ear on one side, then do the same on the other side.

    I hope this makes sense.... if you have more questions, email me and I will send more pictures with an explanation if you need it.

    My email is


  4. Where did you purchase this dress? So cute!


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