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Twist and Weave

I just have to say, I think this turned out awesome! Sometimes I have an idea and it turns out just how I envisioned it. Other times, its a complete disaster and I'm too embarrassed to even post it!

This is a fun variation on my weaving braids.................
We're off to a very ugly start! Make two piggies, leaving out 2 sections in the front, and 2 on the bottom. As shown...................
Take a small piece on the bottom, on one side, closest to the part. Twist it up and cross it over to the piggy on the opposite side. Keep going, all the way to the end of her head. (I kept these twists in a little clip by the piggy until I got one side done, then added them all to the pig at the same time, securing with another elastic.) Now, you can start on the other side, with the piece closest to the part. This time, twist, and weave through the twists you've already done, over to the other piggy.
You are now ready to start on the top. Do the same thing, taking the section closest to the part, and crossing over to the opposite piggy.
Weave the other side through, just like you did the bottom. (As you can see, when I secured these with the elastic, I left out a little "ear" to make the buns with.
Twist and wrap the ends around the little ears you made for the buns and wrap with scrunchies. You're good to go!

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  1. Holy Cow! That is just crazy! You come up w/the coolest stuff! Despite my girls patience, I don't think I could get them to hold still for all those twists! Awesome stuff!

  2. Every time you post, I keep thinking you can't possibly come up with something better. Then, time after time you prove me wrong. This is absolutely amazing!!!!!! And, dont get me wrong, I love all the hair blogs, they all have their unique style. But, as far as creativity goes, you take the cake! I love your original ideas. Never seen anything like it.

  3. no way no way no way - that is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!

  4. Ummmmmmmmm.....I think I better come down there to make sure you're not neglecting your towel closet. ;) lol (Oh, I don't think we will be coming by the way.)

    That hair is totally AWESOME!

  5. I am just amazed at your creativity! My oldest would sit for so long letting me do her hair when she was younger, but now she is older and has other things to do. I love seeing the ideas you come up with!

  6. Wow! I'm going to have to save this one for when my girl's hair is longer. So cute!

  7. I showed Sammy this today and she said, "I won't sit still as long as she will mom." OH she will if I have anything to say about it! ;)

  8. I love this one, tried it on Kyla and her hair was not long enough!! I might try it with a few changes for the hair impaired tomorrow, lol!

  9. OMG, I love-love-love this style. You are one creative mama! Nice blog, glad I came across it.


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