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Knotted Up-Do

At first glance, this one looks kinda complicated. But, I don't want to scare you away. It's actually quite easy, and quick!

Start with a standard pony. Simple enough, right?

Do an upside down pull-through. (Bring the hair in the pony up underneath the elastic, and pull all the way through, turning it inside out.)

Now, divide the hair in the pony into 3 sections. Take one of the outside sections and tie it into a knot by wraping the hair around your finger and pulling the end through where your finger was.

Depending on how long her hair is, you can do 1, 2, or even 3 knots. Leave the ends out to spike.(This picture is showing me tying the second knot.) After the knot, or knots are tied, secure it to her head using bobby pins.

Here's a little trick I have learned through trial and error. Put an elastic at the bottom of your knots, as far inside the knot as you can, to hide it. This way, it won't keep coming loose.

Tie up the other side the same way. (I like the bobby pins to show a little, you can hid them if you want.)

This is where you have the option to do a variety of things. You could either stop now, I think it's pretty cute left this way. You could tie up the middle section the same way you did the others. Or, you could do what I did. I just tied one more knot and left it hanging.

If you wanted a more formal look, you could tuck all the ends in, that would be cute for a wedding or something. I like it MESSY! And, thank my lucky stars every day she's not ready for the prom!

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