Jul 14, 2008

Twisting Braids Pin Wheel

I love this one, but it does take me a good 30 minutes to do. (We're talking an ENTIRE episode of Scooby Doo!) Sometimes when I'm doing a time consuming style, I complete it in stages. Like, do a few steps, do something else, then come back to it. Whatever works!

Start by making 5 ponies, as shown. Try to keep the elastics as close to the edges as possible. It looks ugly at this stage, but you won't have any braids to show off if you do the ponies too close to the middle.
Now, add a ribbon and a twisting braid to each one. The twisting braids are made by taking two sections, twisting both sections in the same direction, then twisting them together in the opposite direction. Add the ribbon by pulling it through the elastic until the ends are the same length.
Gather all the braids into the center and secure with an elastic. You can now thread the ribbons through the other braids elastics and the center. (However you want to do it.) The possibilities at this point are endless! (I buy my ribbon at Walmart in the craft section for less than 50 cents a roll. Just cut it up to the length you want.)
Add a scrunchy to finish it off, or you could wrap everything up into a bun. It's your preference. This is also cute without the ribbon, but I think it adds a little extra spice.
As you can see, I used all purple. Try mixing different colors for a completely different look.
And, don't mind the non-matching shirt! This is an old dance uniform she likes to play dress up with. The outfit she wore today really was purple, I promise. ;)