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French Braid Over The Top

This style is good for keeping her hair out of her eyes without having to use a headband. (Which never stays in.)

Make a part across the top of her head. Put the rest of the hair in a temporary ponytail, to keep it out of the way. French Braid, from one ear to the other. (This is another one of those styles that is easier to do with the hair wet.)

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  1. YOU SUCK!!!!! Sorry..Don't mean to yell but seriously...Samantha is going to have to sit still and not complain so I can play with her hair. THAT is SO totally UNFAIR! I LOVE How you have done all those styles. You are so awesome. That is it. We are moving down there so I can send Sammy over to your house everyday so you can do her hair!!!!

  2. Hello. I'm really enjoying your hearstyles. I,ve gotten lots of good ideas from you. But I must tell you, that i,m not very impressed by your french braid headband. If you braid it "inside out" and only add hear from the front the result is much nicer. I do it on my daugther when she is going to a party.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Yep, I agree with you... not my best "work." This is one of the very first styles we posted on this blog (clear back in 08.) I hope I have improved since then. :)

  4. What a fun idea! We tried the 'basketball net' style recently with Emma. It's one of the few we can do with so little hair. Her hair is amazing! Our usual style is what we call the 'curly do':)

  5. Very creative. Good for sports and school, for keeping hair out of face.


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