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Crossing French Braids

Start by making a part all the way down the middle. Then, make another part halfway down her head from side to side (forming 4 sections.) Take the bottom 2 sections and one of the top sections and put them each in a temporary ponytail.

Starting on the top corner that's not in a ponytail, french braid down to the part (where all four corners meet. Take the bottom section (on the opposite side of her head) out of the ponytail and finish the french braid down to the bottom of her head. Repeat these steps for the other side. (On the second side, where the parts meet, you will have to do a small traditional braid over this area before you can resume the french braid on the bottom part.)

And, excuse the pajamas, we're being lazy today.

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  1. Sure, RUB...IT...IN. I know you did this on purpose after our conversation yesterday. Just because I don't know how to do that you have to come up with something all fancy.

  2. Dork!!! I mean that in the most loving way! :)

  3. One word for you: Perfect!


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