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How To Lace A Corset Back Dress For Prom Or Wedding

How to lace a corset back dress, video tutorial.

Today we are showing how to tie or lace up a corset gown.  Who knew it could be so complicated?  ;)  The technique shown in our video (below) will keep all of the ribbons coming in the same way for a neater look (instead of criss crossing every which way.)  We also show how to tighten up the corset, starting at the top of the dress and working your way down.

 How To Lace A Corset Dress Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Depending on the thickness and texture of your ribbon, along with the size of the dress (and person wearing it) the corset will look a little different each time.  The great thing about this type of dress is that it can fit a range of sizes. Also, you can tighten or loosen the corset where you need to for a custom fit for your body.  I would recommend tightening enough that the dress feels snug, but not so tight that you are unable to breathe or move comfortably. You want to be able to sit and dance in the dress! 

She'll be going to her first Prom in a couple weeks!  She's 16 and a Sophomore this year.  We're not sure how much time she will have to get ready between her day date and the actual prom.  But, if she has time, we will film her prom look on the day she goes to the dance, showing her dress, shoes, jewelry, and hair for an upcoming video!

Let us know in the comments:  Have you been to a Prom?  What did your dress look like?

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