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4 Easy Hairstyles For School, Cute and Heatless, Part 3

4 back to school hairstyles, cute, easy, and heatless.  Video tutorials.

Today we are sharing 4 more cute and easy back to school hairstyles! Trendy and popular braids, twists, and half up hairstyle ideas for school.  These are all heatless, 5 minute hairstyles!

This hair tutorial video is part 3 of our back to school hair ideas series for the 2017 - 2018 school year.  To watch parts 1 and 2, click here:  Back to school hairstyles, Part 1, Back to school hairstyles, Part 2.  We will be posting one more video in this series next week featuring another set of simple hairstyle ideas. All of these hair tutorials will be showing DIY hairstyles and quick styles that my teen daughter wears on a regular basis to school.  Nothing super creative or extravagant, but a fun collection of braided hairstyles and every day hair styles for busy school mornings.

4 Easy Hairstyles For School, Part 3: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hairstyles featured in today's video:

#1 Double French braid space buns, messy buns, or top knots.

Double french braided space buns hairstyle.

#2 Dutch braid faux hawk half up hairstyle.

Dutch braid faux hawk half up half down hairstyle tutorial.

#3 Triple twist half up hairstyle.

Triple twist half up hairstyle. So easy and cute.

#4 Triple twist fishtail braid.

Triple twist french fishtail braid, video tutorial.

We didn't feel like any of these hairstyles really needed detailed step by step tutorials, but just a quick overview showing the partings and basic process of creating the styles.  We do have several videos on our YouTube channel showing how to french braid, fishtail braid, and dutch braid if you are wanting more detailed instructions for those braids.

These hairstyles would be great for middle school, high school, and college students, although any age could wear them.

Hope you guys like these back to school hairstyles.  See you next week!

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