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Hair Brush Straightener Review

Hairbrush straightener review. Tested on naturally wavy, curly, frizzy hair.

Today we are reviewing the "Simply Straight" hair brush straightener (as seen on TV.)  We saw a commercial for this product quite awhile ago and have been wanting to try it ever since.  Then a few months ago we noticed that it was available at our local Walmart, so we went ahead and purchased it.

We are testing this heated brush on naturally wavy, slightly curly, color treated, fairly thick, and generally frizzy hair.  I allowed my hair to air dry after washing it and did not add any hair products except for heat protectant before using (to see what this brush could do on its own.)

Hair Brush Straightener Video Review: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

As shown in our video, this product did mostly straighten my hair, but left it frizzy looking and not completely smooth.  Although It was fun, fairly quick, and easy to use, I felt that I needed to touch up my hair with a curling iron or flat iron afterwards to make it look presentable.... which kind of defeats the purpose.

On the box, this product claims to be "safe and gentle" with "salon quality results."  I can agree that this would probably cause less damage than a flat iron, since your hair isn't being completely flattened between two hot plates giving direct heat, but heat is still being applied (up to 450 degrees) so I can guess that damage will still occur while using this brush.  As with any heated tool, I would suggest using heat protectant, and to only use it occasionally. Also, we were not able to achieve salon quality results in my opinion. 

I could see this being useful if you wanted to quickly straighten your hair before finishing with a curling iron or flat iron to smooth things out completely (as shown in the bottom photo below.)

Naturally curly hair, before hair brush straightener.

Results after using hair brush straightener.

Hair brush straightener results, after touching up with curling iron.

There are several brands of these ceramic electric brushes available and I have only tried "simply straight." Some others I have heard of are: DAFNI, Apalus, Jouvelle, Femjolie, Uspicy, Conair, Chi, Vega, FHI, and Avon.  The simply straight brush was priced at around $40.  The other brands I have seen range from $19 to over $200.

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