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Stingray Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Stingray braid hairstyle tutorial

Our hairstyle tutorial today is loosely inspired by an intricate braid that has been floating around on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram over the past several years.  An example of this original "ruffled braid" can be found on our Russian friends YouTube channel: "Womenbeauty1."

When I first saw this braid a few years ago, I thought it looked so cool, but also a little over the top for most occasions.  I'm thinking the original version of this braid would be great to go with an edgy Prom dress, a modern wedding, certain Halloween costumes, or for a high fashion photo shoot.  We decided to take the basic concept of this unique braid and change it up a bit to make a more casual "every day" type of hairstyle that could work for school, sports, and work, as well as fancy or special occasions.  This style is still very unique and intricate looking, but toned down quite a bit from the original.

 The Princess's dad named this this hairstyle the "stingray" as the ruffled braids running along each side totally look like a stingray body swimming through the water.... with the braid hanging down as its tail! :)

Stingray braid, video tutorial

Stingray Braid Hairstyle Video TutorialClick here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Supplies needed to create this hairstyle:
  • 2-3 temporary hair ties or clips to help keep the braids from unraveling while you work.
  • 1 medium size elastic for the end of the braid.
  • Gel, pomade, water, hair wax, or hairspray (optional)
Pretty and unique braided hairstyle, the stingray

Pretty braid, the stingray video tutorial

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