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Hot Cross Bun Hairstyle, Dance Hair - Ballet Bun

A fancy twist on a bun (literally!)
"hot cross bun" hairstyle tutorial

Today's hair tutorial, the "hot cross bun" features woven criss cross twists accenting a standard ballet bun (or donut bun / sock bun.) The twisted lattice design adds an elegant touch.

This updo hairstyle would be perfect for dance, ballet, figure skating and other sports.  But, could also be worn for more formal occasions such as the prom, homecoming, church, concerts, recitals, communions, weddings, flower girls, etc.  I think this style also has a princess medieval look to it and would be fabulous to wear to a renaissance faire or play!

Dance bun, ballet hair "hot cross bun"

This hairdo is sort of a spin off of the star bun we posted last week and was actually filmed the same day.  Love it when one hairstyle idea turns into another... and another! 

Hot cross bun - Dance hairstyle

Supplies needed:
  • 2 hair elastics or hair ties
  • several bobby pins
  • bun maker or rolled up sock
  • gel or pomade to help control flyaways (optional)
*The "Bun Maker" we used to create this design can be found in most drug stores or online.  If you do not want to purchase a bun maker, you can use a rolled up sock instead. (There are many tutorials on YouTube showing how to make a sock bun.)

Hot Cross Bun Video TutorialClick here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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  1. this is a really cut bun ive been looking for cool buns since i model i just wanna try something different


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