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13 Valentine's Day Hairstyles

13 valentines day hairstyle ideas

Are you in search of the perfect hairstyle for Valentine's Day?  We have looked around the web and have found some very cute styles which we wanted to share (including a few favorite Valentine's hairstyles from our own site.)  Below, we have included some adorable heart braids, heart buns, heart ponytails, and heart shaped cornrows!

Click the link above each photo to find out how to create these darling heart inspired hairstyles:

4 Strand Ribbon Heart
Tutorial:  Princess Hairstyles

Heart Side Braid
Tutorial: Hair Romance
heart braid

Braided Heart Ponytail
heart ponytail

Heart Braid
Tutorial: Joanna Goddard
braided heart

Love Bun
heart bun

2 Braided Hearts
2 braided hearts

Woven Heart Down Hairstyle
Tutorial:  Girly Do Hairstyles
woven heart down hairstyle

Heart Twist
twisted heart hairstyle

Cornrows and Hearts
heart cornrows

3D Heart Braided Bun
3d heart bun

Double Heart & Single Heart Ponytail
double heart hairstyle

Fishbone Cornrow Heart
cornrow shaped heart hair

Bless Your Heart Braid
Tutorial: How To Hair Girl
how to make a braided heart

There are so many talented "hair bloggers" out there and I wish I could include them all! I'm also sure I have missed some amazing heart or Valentine hairdos.  If you know of any we should check out, please feel free to leave links in the comments below!  <3

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