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Ribbon Laced Side Braid Hairstyle

Back-To-School Hairstyles, Part 4
ribbon laced side braid hairstyle tutorial

Today's hair tutorial is a simple side braid, taken up a notch with some added ribbon.  We have found that adding ribbon to any hairstyle really doesn't take that much extra time, but makes a huge difference in the way a style stands out.  Ribbon is also fun because you can find so many different colors and patterns to match your outfits.... and it's very inexpensive. This is also an easy and cute way to incorporate team colors if you are in sports (or school colors.) 

We chose to end this style in a side braid this time.  But of course, you could do a ponytail or bun instead if you prefer.  If you are wanting more of a "down do" you could lace the 2 braids together (as shown) and then leave the rest of your hair down. (Which would work even with short hair.)

ribbon braid hairstyle

Many of you have been requesting a front view of our hairstyles lately.  We have been trying to keep things fairly "incognito" for the Princess over the past few years by avoiding front shots. I know it may seem silly, but it's just a personal decision.  Our solution is shown in the photo above.  ;)  I will do my best to remember to include a front view for the hairstyles that seem necessary from now on and hopefully you can get an idea of what the style looks like from the front this way!

Supplies needed:
  • 2-3 feet of ribbon.  Of course, you could also use yarn, leather, beads... whatever you want! We usually purchase our ribbon from a local craft store or at a discount store (like Walmart) for around $1 per roll, and reuse it over and over again.
  • Plastic craft needle (optional.) A safety pin or regular sewing needle would also work.  Just make sure to be extra careful if you use a sharp needle!
  • A few hair ties, elastics, rubber bands or similar.
  • Comb or brush.
Ribbon Laced Side Braid Video Tutorial:

This is the 4th and final style in our back to school hairstyles series! If you missed the other 3 cute, quick, and easy hairdos for school mornings, feel free to check them out here:

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  1. Beautiful style! I was wondering if you could use a Design Weaver to weave the ribbon?

  2. Aww these are all adorable! To bad I don't have a little girl :(

  3. all styles are amazing but i like most half ups and half down hair style really fabulous...

  4. awesome but please make more short hair ones.


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