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Side Braid, Twist Wrapped Fishtail Hairstyle Tutorial

A Fishtail (or Fishbone) Braid Hairstyle... with a twist.

twist wrap fishtail braid tutorial

We seem to be on a fishtail braiding kick at our house lately!  Today's tutorial is another fun way to spice up the popular and trendy fishbone braid, with a little something extra.  If you happened to see last week's tutorial (which can be found here:  Criss Cross Fishtail Braid) you might remember, it was also a unique variation of a fishtail braid.

fishbone braid wrapped with twist braids tutorial

This is a great hairstyle for school or work, as it is pretty quick to create, but still looks like you put some effort into it.  :)  The concept of wrapping a braid around another braid isn't anything new, but I absolutely love this combination of a fishtail and a twist braid (or rope braid) together. Very intricate looking.  This braid almost reminds me of something you might see in Medieval times, at a Renaissance Faire, or on a Princess! 

fishbone braid crossed with twists
We opted for a side braid this time, but this braid could also be placed at the center of your head if you prefer. Of course, if you wanted to... you could actually use ribbon, rope, leather, or other material to wrap around the braid as well. 

Twist Wrapped Fishtail Braid Video Tutorial: Click here to watch directly on Youtube.

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  1. Love it. Such a fun "twist" on a fishbone. Will be trying it for sure!

  2. I've just watched this with my daughter who has lovely long hair. I'm going to be busy this morning trying it out.

  3. This one we couldn't do. Maybe it isn't long enough

  4. That looks great and fun, good job!


  5. Just wanted to let you know that one of your pictures is going around on facebook on a game sites facebook page. If you check it out and number 4 is also one your hairstyles, I would love to know how to do that one for my daughter too! Just not sure what it is called. Here's the link to look at the picture showing 10 cute hair styles. I was searching for directions on how to recreate those and found your site. Now following you. Love it!!!


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