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Criss Cross Waterfall Twist Braids

A beautiful "X braid" (or criss cross braid) using the waterfall twist!

criss cross waterfall twist hairstyle

We absolutely love the ever popular waterfall braid / fairytale braid / fall through braid and the waterfall twist braid is probably our favorite variation, as it is so easy! Watch our original video tutorial showing how to make this simple braid here:  waterfall twist braid video. Many creative hairstyles can be made using this braid (we actually have a few filmed that we hope to post soon) so keep an eye out for those if you love this as much as we do!
X Braid

In this particular hairstyle, we used two diagonal twists to form a braided X at the back of her head. I love that the braids are quite subtle, not really disturbing the hair underneath.  It almost looks as if the braids are just floating there! 

This is a great hairstyle for teens. But if you have a little girl, you might be thinking that this style would never hold up at school or play!  Watch our video below for another option that will hopefully stay together better for you if you have an active child.

waterfall x braid

This is one of those styles that will work best with long (straight) hair.  But, if your hair is a little shorter, you could get creative and modify the style to fit your length.  For example: you could part your hair on the side and make a miniature X on one side of your head (up by the part.) We've been getting a lot of requests for styles for short hair and for different hair textures.  The thing is.... this is the hair I have to work with. ;)  The Princess's hair is naturally straight, and long.... it is what it is. Most styles can be modified to work with whatever hair type you have, although some styles (like this one) will obviously be better suited for certain types of hair. 

Criss Cross Waterfall Braid Twist Hairstyle Video Tutorial: Click here to watch directly on YouTube.

The princess and I are loving the unique and bohemian look of this hairstyle.  We hope you do too!

PS:  We finally got an Instagram account! You can find us @hair4myprincess, or by clicking here.

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  1. bellisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. love this hairstyle tutorial :) thanks for sharing ! :)

  3. This is beautiful!

  4. Had them in my teens
    Love the bohemian look :-)

  5. My princess and I love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  6. So pretty. Can't believe how long her hair is getting again! Love it!

  7. nice and amazing hairstyles.I have just came here and found such a great stuff from here.You have done a great effort here.

  8. We tried it and it was awesome:) you can do it on short hair as well! THANKS!


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