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Fishtail Braid Bow Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

A Diagonal Fishtail Braid and a Bow Made From Hair.
The "Fishtail Bow Braided Hairstyle."

(Pinterest Hair ~ How To)
Fish bone braid bow ponytail hairstyle tutorial
hairstyle picture courtesy google images

I'm guessing you guys have seen the hairstyle photo in the picture above (on the bottom.)  This darling fishtail braid with a bow hair style has been floating around on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram (etc) for awhile now and seems to be everywhere! "How to" instructions for this style have been requested numerous times by you guys and we finally got around to making a tutorial! 

hairstyle tutorial, fishtail braid bow

There are several different ways you could recreate this hairdo, and of course, I'm not exactly sure how the original style was made. This is just our interpretation on how to do it.  We have actually done this style a few times since we filmed the tutorial, and have made a few adjustments to make it look more like the original.  As you can see in the photo above, the fishtail braid sort of "disappears" behind the bow (instead of extending past the bow as seen in the original.)  In our video tutorial below, we show how to fix that.  Also, for a better looking fishtail braid (or fishbone) you will want to use very thin strands as you are braiding, and stretch out the edges of the braid as you are going.

ponytail with bow made from hair
We are loving the cute bohemian look of this hairstyle. What could be cuter than a diagonal fishtail braid, a side ponytail, and a bow made from hair? ;)  Such a girly, feminine hair style!  I'm thinking this is even festive enough to be a cute Christmas Hairstyle.
fishtail braided bow ponytail tutorial
And wow, I just noticed.... look at the princess's long hair! I am amazed at how fast it has grown. We have actually had a few questions on Youtube recently regarding "how to get long hair" and "long hair tips." Keep in mind, I am not a "hair expert" and everyone's hair/situation is different.  I don't think there is really any magic formula for making hair grow faster.  ;) But at some point, maybe we will do a video showing our hair care routine. 

How to, Video Tutorial: Fishtail Braided Bow Hairstyle: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

I'm a little disappointed because in the photo below, this hairstyle actually came out quite well..... And then when I pulled the picture I took up on my computer, I noticed that the flash on our camera kind of made the end of the fishtail braid (on the right side of the hair bow) just sort of blend in with the ponytail and look more like a fuzzy mess at the side of the pony! I even tried changing the photo over to sepia, but it didn't really help.  Ugh.
instagram fishtail hair bow hairstyle tutorial

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  1. Hi! I tried this last Sunday (12/9/12) on one child for church. VERY easy to do, but I think with the child I tried it on, I need to pull out a little more hair for the bow because her hair is so thin. Thanks!!!


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