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Stripe Overlay Braid Hairstyle

A Unique Braided Hairstyle For Long Hair

ladder braid
Hey guys! I hope things are going well for you all. Here's another cute back to school hairstyle that really doesn't take too much time to complete.
step braid
This fun diagonal "stripe overlay" braided hairstyle will work best with long or medium length hair.

Depending on the texture and length of the hair you are working with, you may need to add some pomade or gel to the "stripes" as you are braiding to avoid flyaways.  We have found that a little bit of water in a spray bottle does wonders for keeping things sleek and smooth.  The Princess's hair is naturally straight and fine though, so it's going to depend on your hair type of course.  If your hair is curly, wavy, or layered... you will probably need some product.
stripe overlay top view
We pulled the front section of "The Princess's" hair straight back for this style.  But, if you like having some volume in the bangs/fringe area, you could definitely add a little "poof" in the front before you start the hairstyle. Just do whatever you like best.
unique braided ponytail
 This hairstyle is kind of similar to a couple of styles we have done in the past: Our fancy princess french braids and our woven french braid hairstyle (although this hairstyle is quite a bit quicker and easier) as you don't need to french braid.  We actually have one more variation of this hairstyle filmed that we will be posting soon.  So, keep an eye out for that!  If you aren't already subscribed to our Youtube channel, feel free to do so by clicking here if you would like to be notified when we post our tutorials.

Stripe Overlay Braid Tutorial:

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  1. I love this! It's so unique & it looks harder to do than it was! I did it real quick before my daughter went to school! She said she got tons of ooh's & aaahh's!

  2. Amazing!!! very original... it's the first time that I see something similar....

  3. Out of all the hair dos that I have done on my daughter... I have gotten a lot of remaks from this particular one! Thank you so much for sharing all of the dos with us!

  4. Hi, thank you for the beatiful hairstyle

  5. You need more instructions!!!!!!!


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