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Holiday Updo Hairstyle

Elegant Updo Hairstyle With Curls For Medium Length Hair

holiday updo hairstyleThis fancy schmancy special occasion updo is very similar to our Taylor Swift inspired hairstyle that was posted when the princess had shorter hair. The shorter hair version can be found here: Taylor Swift Updo

The variation we are showing today works best with medium length to long hair. I'm thinking this fancy hair style would be perfect for a Prom, Homecoming, flower girl, Christmas party, New Years Eve, a bride, wedding, or other special occasion.

The curls used in creating this style were made using our nylon sock curling technique- which can be found here: No Heat Nylon Curls

fancy updo with curls
How to make a curly updo video tutorial:

Depending on the thickness, length, and texture of your hair... you may need to use more bobby pins than we show in the video to keep everything in place.

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  1. Thank you SOO much! I love your hair tutorials and and I think I will wear that one myself for my best friend's wedding. That is, if I can make it look the way you did (the problem being that my hair pretty thin and doesn't hold curls very well as a a general rule... which is really disappointing at times). What kind of headbands / fabric would you suggest for a twenty-something woman for a special occasion such as aforementioned wedding? It's gonna be a winter wedding, so I guess flowers might not be the best thing, or what do you think? Best regards from Germany.

  2. OK, LOVE this!!! I showed my daughter and she was SUPER excited to do this. She has straight hair and curlers don't keep curls, but the nylon sock way makes me think of rag curls and those will hold even in the thinnest, straightest hair!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!! I have super curly hair and so have always just used ponytails and now I have a straight haired daughter and I need all these great ideas so I can learn how to work with her hair!!!

  3. I have naturally curly hair,so I love do this with my hair the hairstyle I do is VERY similar to this.

  4. Genius! I did a similar updo a few years ago for a concert... except my mom curled each strand into perfect ringlets and each curl was pulled up individually. I took, I kid you not... 3 HOURS - with 2 people (besides me) curling and pinning. Not smart. But curling it ahead of time!?! I could do that!



  5. Beautiful. I would love to do this with my daughters hair thanks

  6. What a fabulous post this has been.I am grateful to you and expect more number of posts like these. Thanks for putting this up.

  7. This is very similar to your Taylor Swift Love Story updo...

  8. I watched this video after my daughter picked out this updo for her flower girl look. I tried it on her and got it the first time it is so easy! She loved it and looked just like she had it done in a salon but I saved the $40 :)

  9. Cant i do this with wet hair??? by the way you are a GENIUS!!!!

  10. I LOVE IT SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. awesome. i have a SANTA LUSSIA THINg n my mom is doing it

  13. I am so doing this for my play :)


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