Oct 6, 2011

Pleated Ribbon Braid Hairstyle Video

Loose French Braiding, Unique "Pleated Ribbon Braid"

loose french braiding with ribbonThis loose ribbon hairstyle is a variation on a 4 strand ribbon braid that I first saw on my friend Jenn's Youtube channel (Girly Do's.) After doing some research, I believe the official name for this braid is "jewel in the middle." My daughter wears the regular tight version of this braid quite a bit to school, for sports, gymnastics, dance, and other occasions. I wondered what the plaits would look like stretched out (as we have done with other french braids) so... we tried it and we both love how it turned out! This hair style can also be done without ribbon (using a 4th strand of hair) but I prefer the look of the colorful ribbon running down the middle. :) We're excited about the unique bunched up and "pleated" look of this hairdo.

pleated ribbon hair styleWe actually ended up filming this hairstyle twice because our camera battery died halfway through the first video! The princess didn't mind though, as she loves the style and got to wear it twice in one week. ;) As you can see in this second hairstyle photo, I braided down to the ends of her hair instead of stopping the braid where the french braid ends (like the first photo.) I love the style both ways.

Here's the video tutorial, enjoy!

I think this would be a lovely hair style for a special occasion. Maybe a flower girl, prom, or even a bride?