Oct 13, 2011

Halloween Hairstyles, Princess Braided Headband With Jewels

Halloween Hairstyles - Hairstyle For A Princess

Halloween hairstyles My daughter is planning on being a princess for Halloween (what else?) She wanted something with princessy braids, and in her words "bling."

This style is a combination of our "beaded french braid" hairstyle. And a style from our friend Mindy at "Cute Girls Hairstyles" (braided headband into a rose.)

This unique half-up princess style could work for a dance, Prom, Homecoming, wedding, flower girl or other special occasion (as well as Halloween.) If you wanted a more grown up or sophisticated look, I would recommend using bobby pins to secure the rosette bun (instead of the clips.)
princess hairstylesYou could use many different types of beads, yarn, jewelry, ribbons or other accessories to change up the look of this hairdo. I'm thinking some natural toned beads, or rope/leather would make an adorable bohemian looking style or something you would see at a renaissance fair. You could even use an accent braid strung along the back of the hairdo instead of the beads if you wanted to.
princess hairstyle ideasThe video tutorial:

Is anyone else going to be a princess for Halloween? I hope so. We have a few more Princess hair style ideas coming! And, the next style we will be posting doesn't involve french braiding (for all of you non-french braiders.) ;)

PS: If you're looking for a specific Disney Princess Hairstyle, click here for Belle or Cinderella (which could also work for Tinkerbell.)