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Pretties Please Gift Certificate Giveaway Winners!

The 3 winning commenters of the Pretties Please $10 gift certificates (chosen by are....

I likeed the Prettiies please on fb as well.

erin_allison said... I subscribed to the Pretties Please newsletter!
Mindy1024 said...I love the peony flower bows and the flip flops
Congrats: Tara, Erin_Allison, and Mindy1024!
Please send an email to Princess Hairstyles at gmail dot com to claim your prizes.
And of course, thank you everyone else who entered. :)

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  1. I went over the Pretties Please website, and I personally thought that the Gerber Daisy hairbows were cute! I love them!

  2. OMG!!! Yay so excited! I already placed my order! :) Thank you!


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