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Valentine Hairstyle - Diagonal Heart

Valentine's Day Hairstyles - Ribbon Heart Hair

Here's another fun hairdo to add to our valentines day hair collection.
valentines hair with ribbon
heart hairstyle valentines heart hairstyleThis type of "romantic" heart hairstyle really isn't anything new, but we did add a fun new twist with the way we added the ribbon. I think this turned out to be one of my favorite hearts so far!
Here's our video tutorial:

So, have you decided how you will be wearing your hair for Valentine's Day yet? So many choices!

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  1. What a cute hairstyle for valentine's day! I love your heart do's.

  2. I love your hairstyles so much.

    I was wondering (maybe I just dont get out enough) but where do you buy all your hair ribbons?

  3. We are on day 2 of "heart hair". I might add this to the week! So cute!

  4. She can wear that to her Valentine's party at school!

  5. My girls' hair is finally long enough to do more than just a 'sprout' and I'm thrilled to see so many hair blogs. What I love about yours is how precise you are. Such straight parts, perfect braiding, etc. You really do make (a well executed 'do) look so easy.


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