Jul 27, 2010

Princess Style Headband - With Rays Of Sunshine!

See the little streamers of hair coming down from this braided headband?
headband braidThis fun hairstyle was actually inspired by a picture of a "ray of sunshine" the princess took all by herself off of our back deck! Do you see the resemblence? (kinda)
ray of sunshine
We both loved how this hairdo turned out. A classic braided princess hairstyle with some added "hair flair."

To start: Make a part from ear to ear and pull the hair behind the part into a half ponytail. This step is optional, but I also made another small section in the front and pulled both sides of her "bangs" back together underneath her hair in the back with a clear elastic like we did in our Barbie Hairstyle.

Now, this next step is hard to take a picture of, braid, and add hair in all at the same time! (I need a third arm.) But, I started inside-out french braiding (adding in hair only from the front) down by her ear. About every 2 plaits, I grabbed a small section of hair from the half ponytail and added it in with the french braid on the back side. Hopefully this makes sense. The arrows are trying to show you where to take the hair from and add in with the braid lol.
Continue braiding and adding hair from the half ponytail all the way across to her other ear.
What it will look like from the back...
Now you can bring the braid underneath the half pony. At this point if you wanted to, you could bring the braid all the way around her head to the other side where you started the french braid and tuck the ends under the braid with some clips/bobby pins to make a braided crown type of thingy.
Or.. wrap the braid around the ponytail, securing it with a clear elastic at the bottom.
Then of course, add some curls if you want!
braided headband
princess braids hairstyle for a princess